DUI Lawyer – Getting Your Charges Reduced

A DUI lawyer can help you to get your charges dismissed or reduced. Though not always possible, many people can see an improvement in the outcome of their case by talking to a lawyer about this option.

Often times, a DUI lawyer will talk to individuals who are facing driving under the influence charges who are asking for help. They want to prove they were not intoxicated and had full control over their actions. In many situations, this is something you can prove. In others, it can be difficult to do so. What can you do if you know you are innocent and do not deserve to face the big fines and black mark on your criminal record? The first thing to do is to hire an attorney to fight the case with you. It will make a big difference overall.

Is Going to Court Worthwhile?

If you believe you are innocent of this crime, it is always best to fight the charges. After all, you know you did not commit the crime and should not face repercussions for doing so. However, there are instances when the is no cut and dry method for proving your word against that of a police officer. However, there are ways that you can reduce your charges. Talk to your DUI lawyer about the best possible method for fighting the charges you are facing. Then, make the hard decisions about how to move forward.

Reducing Charges

Often, your attorney will recommend that you work to get the charges reduced. In some situations, you can reduce your charges from driving under the influence to reckless driving or to other lesser charges. How can you do this?

• Prove that you were able to communicate clearly with an attorney.

• Show that medications rather than alcohol caused your lack of judgment and you unknowingly got behind a wheel.

• Prove that the police officer’s breathalyzer was not properly working perhaps because it was not calibrated or the reading was within the excusable range of error.

• Bring witnesses forth that can testify to what you were doing in the hours prior to your arrest.

• Show that your vehicle was pulling to the side due to a problem with it that you were unaware of.

When you work with a DUI lawyer, you will find he or she has numerous ways that they can help you. Proving your innocence is not always the case, but you can create enough doubt in the mind of a judge, or even a prosecutor that he or she is willing to get the charges reduced. This will protect your license and your criminal record.

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Take the time to talk to a DUI lawyer about your options and your needs. Find out what solutions are available in your particular case. There may be more than you realize. The worst thing you can do is to do nothing. An attorney will offer guidance to you throughout this process and help ensure that you are making the right decisions moving forward in the case. The right lawyer wants to help you to fight these charges and get them off you record.